Join Me and Other Like-Minded Entrepreneurs, live at the Stadium Status Summit to Master a proven system and Take Your Business To The BIG TIME!

If you’re ready to start doubling, or even tripling your results without working more…

Join us Friday July 20, 2018 in Boston, MA for the 2018 Stadium Status Summit!

All the details are below, there are only 30 seats available and this event will sell out FAST so sign up today. Any questions feel free to reach out directly. 

What Is The Stadium Status Summit?

The Stadium Status Summit is a full-day live, in-person workshop with me personally, and it’s going to be a massively high-value and high-energy event where you’ll be surrounded by other people just like you. And it’ll be me coaching you and other Stadium Status community members on better understanding the science of growing your brand, connecting with your audience and applying it in your daily performance. I’m going to personally help you adjust your strategy so you can start elevating and separating yourself from the competition ASAP.


I will teach you a system which is based on my front line, high-stakes, high-stress experience as a championship coach. This system has been developed over many years of study, application and testing. It combines my coaching expertise with my experience on-air and in sales management with ESPN Radio. This combination has given me unique insight about what it takes backstage to build an iconic brand as well as the power of understanding and connecting with your audience.

In other words, this event will teach you precisely what to do, and what not to do, so that you can attract the right prospects and clients to your brand.

Simply put, there’s nothing more powerful that you can do to grow your brand significantly and almost instantly, without working more hours.

Why attend the Stadium Status Summit?

Of course, you already know the importance of investing in yourself and in your business. But, I want to hit you with the top four reasons to come to the Stadium Status Summit.

1. There’s tremendous power in coming to Boston for the day and allowing me to mentor you live. In getting your strategy fully dialed in and making sure that it leads to you growing your brand and attracting more clients than you currently have. I think you already know that using this approach is the number one thing you can do to be confident you're elevating and separating yourself from the competition.

2. The networking is amazing. My community attracts top performing entrepreneurs and executives from all over the world. They are experts in their field and leaders in their industry who are incredibly passionate about making a difference. There isn’t a better place you can come to find like-minded professionals and network with people who want to help support one another and grow their business.

3. The Summit is where you can model my strategies. You can to see me demonstrate exactly how to employ each of the strategies I teach. You get to watch how I, my clients and other stadium status performers execute it and then practice crafting your version of it in a safe environment before you go out and do it in the real world. My events are high energy, loaded with value and VERY interactive.

4. My accountant says this is a tax-deductible business expense. Check with your accountant. And if you check with three different accountants you'll probably get three different opinions  :-)

What Exactly Will I Learn At The Stadium Status Summit?

The event consists of 3 key parts that will help you learn and implement as you go. Along the way you will get a proven blueprint to follow, into which you just plug in your relevant information to start elevating and separating from the competition.

Part 1: Vision: "Stadium Status has to be a mentality before it's a reality." The first portion of the program is dedicated to installing the right mindset for success. (This aspect of the training is based on my doctoral coursework in Sports Psychology and decades training the mindset of elite athletes and executives.)

Part 2: Execution: "The separation is in the preparation." How you execute on game day is based on how you prepare and practice. Since every day is game day in the sport of business we will help you assemble a game plan and the action steps to execute it to make the second of half of 2018 a game changer.

Part 3: Connection. In this wired world we've never been more disconnected from other human beings and according to Gallup Inc. trust in business is at an all-time low. High touch beats high tech and I will disclose my closest kept secrets on how to build meaningful, deep connections to turn prospects into clients and clients into raving fans who become a source of constant referrals and contacts.

Join Us Friday July 20, 2018 at The Holiday Inn Brookline from 9am to 5 pm (Delicious Lunch & Post-Event Reception Included)

You will also meet and learn from 2 amazing celebrity guest speakers.

Guest Expert #1: Ken Lubin

Ken Lubin: Co-Champion of 2013 Death Race

Ken is the founder of Executive-Athletes and managing director of ZRG Partners a global executive search firm. He will be speaking about Building Your Tribe and what I call “building a moat around your business” by creating your own community. Ken’s built multiple communities of fans, containing hundreds of thousands of highly engaged members with a network reach into the millions.

Guest Expert #2:  Shelby Turcotte

Author of Simplementation

Shelby Turcotte is one of the nation's foremost authorities on performance coaching. He specializes in health and wellness for busy entrepreneurs and executives. Turcotte is the author of the forthcoming bookSimplementation: The Art and Science of Creating Positive Change (2019). 

For the first time ever publicly, he will be revealing his Simplementation System to help you make complex growth SIMPLE. 


Bonus #1:  A One Year Subscription To Yesterday’s Underdogs, my exclusive online community filled with premium members-only content and priceless networking opportunities. (Value= $600.00)

BONUS #2: A 60 minute one on one post-event follow up coaching call. This is an additional opportunity for you to ask follow up questions and for me to make sure you're applying the wisdom. (Value= $750.00)

BONUS #3: Lifetime Access To The Business Growth Vault within Coach Bru Academy. The Vault is a turn-key collection of forms, contracts, templates and just about everything else you need to save you time, money and energy when it comes to starting or growing your business. (Value= $50.00) 

A $1900.00 Total value

Now Only: $497.00

Click the button below now to lock in your seat. This event won't come again for at least 12 months.

WARNING: Registration for the Stadium Status Summit will be open for only a few days. After that, this won't happen again for at least 12 months.

*There is NO RISK registering for the Stadium Status Summit because it comes with my iron-clad, no risk  money-back guarantee. I’m so confident in the quality of my content and my guest speakers that I offer you the most powerful money back guarantee you’ve ever heard… a ‘No Questions Asked' Money Back Guarantee.

If, by the end of the event, you don’t feel that the concepts will help you dramatically grow your brand, thus easily paying for the cost of the event, then we’ll refund you your money. No hassle. No questions. That’s how confident we are that you will love this.

Can the Stadium Status Summit really double or triple your results by working smarter NOT harder?

Program Contents

  • 1

    Welcome To The 2018 Stadium Status Summit

    • Welcome Letter


  • 2

    Section 1: Introduction

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    Section 2

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    Section 3:

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    Section 4

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    Section 5

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  • 7

    Section 6 Building Your Tribe w/ Ken Lubin

    • Building Your Tribe: Visual Notes/Info Sketch

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    Section 7: Simplementation w/ Shelby Turcotte

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    • MuzikMafia w/ David Pruett Visual Notes/Info Sketch

    • Dan Tudor Mastermind Visual Notes/Info Sketch